As part of the Earth Day celebrations, KJKP Rad partnered with the operators of the Ekopak and Zeos systems to organize a special event at the Recycling Yard located at Paromlinska St. 64, in Novo Sarajevo.

Visitors were offered the opportunity to enjoy various activities. Particularly delightful were the performances of skits and plays for children by students of "Mirsad Prnjavorac" Elementary School in Vogošća. Additionally, an exhibition of works by students from seven high schools was organized, accompanied by the awarding of deserving prizes and certificates of appreciation to project participants.

Ekopak distributed interesting manuals titled "Everything You (Didn't) Know About Recycling" and other educational materials. Children had the chance to socialize with our mascot, Zekopak, as well as with the friendly mascots of our partners.