The municipal utility company Rad Ključ, which has been part of the Ekopak system since 2014, has recorded an increase in the amount of packaging waste collected every year.

The partnership between Rad Ključ and Ekopak has proven to be crucial in achieving these results. Ekopak has actively supported the local community by procuring eco-islands for separate waste disposal, as well as vehicles for transporting packaging waste for Rad Ključ. Additionally, a series of educational activities have been implemented targeting citizens in various ways, including billboard campaigns, distribution of informational leaflets, and organization of educational workshops in schools and other public spaces.

Rad Ključ and Ekopak will continue to work together to improve the packaging waste management system and raise public awareness. This collaboration serves as an excellent example of how public-private partnerships can positively impact the local community and contribute to the broader goal of developing a circular economy in our country.