On the occasion of marking June 5, the World Day of Environmental Protection Ekopak organized a fun and educational workshop in primary school "Porodice efendije Ramić" Semizovac.

At this workshop, children had the opportunity to learn about the importance of selective disposal of packaging waste. In addition, they made creative items using the waste packaging, solved thematic puzzles and participated in a giant board game called "Recycling is not a hassle" to win wonderful gifts.

Ekopak is always focused on the education of children and during its ten years of work we conducted a large number of workshops and promotions that included more than 80,000 children. Ekopak emphasizes the importance of raising awareness about packaging waste recycling from an early age and through our activities we managed to reach many young people and educate them about the proper handling of waste.

"Permanent education and raising citizens' awareness of the importance of recycling is an integral part of system development. In these activities, Ekopak focused especially on the youngest, children of preschool and school age because the experiences from Europe showed that this is the area where children educate their parents on how to properly handle packaging waste," said Ekopak managing director Amela Hrbat.