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10 02.22.

In 2021, the rate of glass packaging recycling increased by 27% compared to 2020: The project "Management of glass packaging in the Western Balkans" is achieving remarkable results

As part of the regional project "Management of glass packaging in the Western Balkans" implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Bihać, Novi Travnik, Konjic and Ilidža, a total of more than 150 tons of glass packaging was handed over for recycling, which is 27% more than in 2020.

Citizens of Novi Travnik collected more than 89 tons, Bihać more than 49 tons, Konjic more than 13 tons and Ilidža more than 3 tons of glass packaging.

It should be noted that a lot has been done within the project on the infrastructure for collecting glass packaging, so these four local communities in which the project is being implemented, received 190 special containers the so-called bells for the disposal of glass packaging waste which are placed in frequent places.

The promotion of the project was also implemented, so citizens were informed and educated on how to dispose glass packaging and special attention was paid to the catering facilities involved in the implementation of the project.

The project "Management of glass packaging in the Western Balkans" in Bosnia and Herzegovina is implemented by the first operator of packaging waste management in BiH "Ekopak", German Organization for International Cooperation (GIZ), Association for Economic Development (REDAH) and public utility companies in these cities and the municipality.

"We are satisfied with the results in 2021, especially having in mind that the pandemic had a significant impact on business entities and citizens this year as well." One of the goals of the project is to increase the recycling rate of glass packaging by 20% and we managed to increase it by 27%, which is an excellent result, "she said.

Amela Hrbat, director of Ekopak, also emphasized that in all local communities where the project is being implemented, there has been a significant increase in the collection of glass packaging.

Thus, 115% more was collected in the Municipality of Ilidža than in 2020, 77% in Bihać, 4% in Novi Travnik and 97% in Konjic.

The project "Management of glass packaging in the Western Balkans" is implemented within the development partnership program with the private sector (develoPPP) and is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the first operator of packaging waste management in Bosnia and Herzegovina "Ekopak" and in addition to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the project is being implemented in Serbia and Northern Macedonia.