On the 19th and 20th of October, an international conference on sustainable development, 'Building Sustainable Bosnia and Herzegovina' (ESG BiH), was held, organized by Mr. Tomislav Lukić, an advisor to the Minister of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The conference aimed to exchange experiences and best practices, as well as challenges, in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries in the region regarding the establishment of sustainable development, a circular economy, and waste management.

The conference brought together numerous experts from various sectors across the region to collectively discuss key sustainability issues. The first authorized waste management system operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ekopak, supported the organization of the conference and actively participated in presenting its ten years of successful work in packaging and packaging waste management in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One of the significant moments of the conference was a panel discussion on the state of packaging waste management in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, during which Ekopak's Director, Amela Hrbat, along with other experts, shared their knowledge and experience on the topic.

Muharem Veladžić and the Public Utility Company Komrad Bihać presented an example of successful collaboration between the public utility company and the Ekopak system operator, highlighting the achievements resulting from this collaboration.

The 'Building Sustainable Bosnia and Herzegovina' conference provided an outstanding opportunity for experts from various sectors to exchange experiences and ideas, working together to build a sustainable future for Bosnia and Herzegovina. This conference further affirmed the importance of sustainable development, the circular economy, and effective waste management for the country's future.