As part of the celebration of World Environment Day, PUC Rad, Ekopak and Zeos joined forces to organize an interesting and educational gathering with children in the recycling yard. This event was held on June 5, 2023 in Novo Sarajevo recycling yard with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of environmental protection among the youngest generations.

An interesting performance was played by children from the "Krugovi" Elementary School, emphasizing the importance of recycling and proper disposal of waste, followed by interesting recitations whose aim was to inspire those present and encourage them to think about the importance of preserving nature and ecological resources.

This was followed by a fashion show made of recycled materials prepared by students from the Mehmed beg Kapetanović Ljubušak Elementary School. This creative presentation showed how various recycled materials can be used to create original and sustainable fashion pieces.

The official part of the program ended with the address of representatives of PUC Rad, Ekopak and ZEOS and after that appropriate gifts and certificates of thanks were distributed as a gesture of gratitude for the support and participation in this project.

Socializing in the recycling yard on the occasion of World Environment Day represented a successful combination of education, creativity and fun. Children had the opportunity to learn about the importance of recycling and proper disposal of waste through various activities and presentations. In addition, the event encouraged cooperation between local organizations and schools and promoted awareness of the importance of environmental protection among the younger generation.

PUC Rad recycling yard was opened in November 2022 with the support of system operators Ekopak and ZEOS, and by the end of May this year, citizens had disposed of a total of 46 tons of waste.

685 kg of PET packaging, 2310 kg of wooden packaging, 2005 kg of paper and cardboard, 1748 kg of glass packaging, 279 kg of small electronic waste, 140 kg of cooling devices, 260 kg of large electrical equipment were collected. Waste, 20 light bulbs (fluorescent) 90 TVs and monitors. 17.5 tons of construction material, 16 tons of bulky waste, 4,800 tires, and 222 kg of bulky metal waste were collected.

These amounts of municipal waste did not end up at the Smiljevići landfill, but in the process of recycling and utilization, where they gained new value. Ekopak, together with partners PUC Rad and ZEOS, will continue to work on the promotion of the recycling yard, so that the citizens of Novi Sarajevo, as well as from other municipalities, dispose of as much waste as possible in dedicated containers in the recycling yard.