Our responsibility for the preservation of the environment is also reflected in the care for packaging of the products we buy every day. That is why it is important, when buying a product, to check declaration and see whether the product is marked with the international sign "Green Dot". Products marked with "Green Dot" are in the packaging waste management system through the system operator.

In order to inform and educate the population about the importance of the "Green Dot" sign for our environment, the first authorized operator of packaging and packaging waste management in Bosnia and Herzegovina "Ekopak" and the company "Konzum BiH", last Saturday at the Mepas Mall in Mostar held an interesting promotion.

Visitors of the shopping center could learn more about the importance of the "Green Dot" sign as well as the social responsibility of companies that are members of the Green Dot.

"Until now, I was not aware that there is a recycling system in BiH or what the Green Dot sign means. From now on, we will look at the back of each product to see if there is a Green Dot label because we support environmental protection”, said Jelena Rozić from Mostar.

Operator "Ekopak" as a member of "PRO EUROPE" is the exclusive provider of rights to "Green Dot" sign in Bosnia and Herzegovina market. The owner of the "Green Dot" sign is the German company "Duales System Deutschland" AG. (D.S.D.), which left the management and coordination of the sign use outside the German market to the umbrella European organization "PRO-EUROPE" based in Brussels. "PRO-EUROPE" gives rights to use of sign "Green Dot" to its members around the world and since 2013 "Ekopak" is a member of this organization and the exclusive provider of rights to use the "Green Dot" in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The importance of the "Green Dots" is evidenced by the following facts:
• The Green Dot is the most widely used international trademark in the world, protected in more than 170 countries.
• More than 170,000 companies mark their products with the "Green Dot" sign.
• About 460 billion pieces of packaging are marked with the "Green Dot" sign annually.
• More than 300 million citizens have access to separate disposal of packaging waste financed by PRO EUROPE members, ie system operators.