• Ekopak is first and leading licensed packaging recovery organisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Ekopak is a pioneer in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the process of establishment and development of the packaging and packaging waste management system

  • Ekopak is founded by leading international, regional and local companies

  • Operations of Ekopak are based on best EU practices, but also on highest business standards which are in accordance with the standards of the shareholders

  • Ekopak takes responsibility for the fulfillment of legal obligations for producers, importers, distributors and retailers at the lowest sustainable cost and for the benefit of the entire community

  • Principle of Ekopak is equal treatment for all - the shareholders of Ekopak have neither special status

  • Employees of Ekopak perform their tasks fully professionally, responsibly, transparently and according to highest ethical standards which are in compliance with all legal requirements

  • Ekopak is 32. member of the PROEUROPE - European umbrella organisation for the packaging and packaging waste recovery systems, based in Brussels

  • Ekopak is authorised to assign an internationally trademark "Green dot" to companies that behave responsible towards their packaging waste on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Any usage of the symbol on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina without exclusive permission from Ekopak is violation of the current legislation

  • "Green Dot" on the packaging means that company who uses it fulfills its legal obligations through Ekopak, finances the establishment of system of separate collection and recycling of packaging waste in Bosnia and Herzegovina


18 03.21.

Ekopak delivered 90 special containers for collecting glass packaging

Symbolically, on World Recycling Day, the first and leading operator for packaging waste management system in BiH - Ekopak, ogether with GIZ and REDAH, delivered 90 special containers (bells) for collecting glass packaging, of which 50 will be delivered to Municipality Ilidža and 40 to Municipality Konjic.

Previously, 100 such containers were procured and 69 were delivered to the Municipality of Bihać and 31 to the Municipality of Novi Travnik. German Development Cooperation and Ekopak provided a total of 190 special containers within the regional project "Management of glass packaging in the Western Balkans", which includes Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and Northern Macedonia through their system operators Ekopak, Sekopak and Pakomak with the support of the German Organization for international cooperation - GIZ, NALED, ZELS and REDAH.

Due to the insufficient number of containers for the disposal of glass packaging but also the lack of appropriate recycling facilities, glass is less recycled in the Western Balkans than is the case in the member states of the European Union. EU countries recycle about 70% of glass packaging annually, while in BiH the amount is 12%. Most of the used glass in our country ends up in landfills or illegal dumps and in such conditions it takes as much as 5,000 years for it to decompose.

Given that glass is the only packaging material with 100% recycling efficiency and can be recycled indefinitely, we are free to award it the title - "star of the recycling industry"! Therefore, before we put an empty glass bottle or jar after usage in the container with other municipal waste, we should keep in mind some of the following facts:

1. By recycling one glass bottle, a 100W bulb can work for a full 4 hours!
2. By recycling one glass bottle, you save energy to power your computer for 25 minutes!
3. Recycling one ton of glass saves 42Kwh of electricity or 19 liters of oil!
4. By recycling 1000 kilograms of glass, the emission of harmful gases is reduced by 3 kilograms in relation to the production of new glass.
5. By recycling glass we can save about 40% of energy and 50% of water needed to produce new glass and reduce air pollution by 20% and water by 50%.

In order to make the situation, regarding the management of glass packaging waste in the region, more favorable in the coming period, the project "Management of glass packaging in the Western Balkans" is being implemented. Thus, 190 special containers for the disposal of glass packaging will be installed in the municipalities of Bihać, Novi Travnik, Konjic and Ilidža as well as in selected cities and municipalities of Northern Macedonia and Serbia. 

The goal is to increase the amount of collected glass packaging in the region by 20%, as well as to reach a sustainable model of collection and recycling of glass packaging that would gradually expand to other municipalities in BiH in the coming years. In addition to this technical part, an appropriate campaign was developed aimed at raising citizens' awareness of the importance of recycling this packaging material. The campaign is unique for all three countries and at the same time respects the specifics of each of the countries. It will be implemented at the local level in the local communities involved in the project. The project in BiH is implemented by Ekopak, GIZ and REDAH.


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