As part of the largest global environmental education program Eco-Schools a special competition, Young Eco Reporters was held. This competition is organized in 30 countries with the aim of engaging young people (age of 11-18) into research and reporting on environmental issues and problems through written, photograph or video materials, and whenever possible, to propose solutions.

Thanks to EKOPAK, the first authorized operator for packaging waste management system and other partners such as Coca-Cola in BiH, TretraPak and Zeos, Eco-schools started their activities at the end of 2018 and today include 33 primary and 27 secondary schools from across the country. For the first time, our Eco-schools participated in the international competition Young Eco Reporters this year.

This competition was organized by Incubator of Social Innovations "MUNJA" - the national operator for the Young Eco Reporters program of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and on their info platform Hoć, works of the finalists will be published.

Young Eco Reporters competed in five categories: Eco-reportage (for primary schools and secondary schools), eco-photo story, photography and short video. The winners are:

Category Reportage - Elementary schools:

1st place: Luka Biletić, Elementary school '' Dubravica '', Vitez

2nd place: Hamza Ramić, Second Elementary School, Konjic

3rd place: Sara Alagić Bowder, Elementary School "Bloom", Sarajevo

Category Reportage - High schools:

1st place: Amila Mrkonja, Mixed High School Travnik, Travnik

2nd place: Sara Ninković, High School Center ,, 27. January '', Rogatica

3rd place: Ognjen Lubara, High School Center East Ilidža, East Sarajevo

Category Photo Story:

1st place: Ana Drakul, Elementary School "Sveti Sava", Foca

2nd place: Marija Šaravanja, Kreševo ​​High School, Kreševo

3rd place: Ivan Spajić, High School ,, Antun Branko Šimić '', Grude

Category Photo:

1st place: Andrea Cetina, Gymnasium "Fr. Grga Martić", Mostar

2nd place: Maja Volaš, Elementary School "Branko Ćopić", Prnjavor

3rd place: Dragana Zekovic, Elementary School "Sveti Sava", Foca

Category Video:

1st place: Isa Nino Ćorović, Benjamin Đozić, Lejs Buljugić and Faris Muzaferija, Elementary school "Safvet-beg Bašagić", Sarajevo

2nd place: Sanor Jolunić, Elementary School Kiseljak, Kiseljak

3rd place: Erna Alagić, First Gymnasium, Sarajevo

The program "Eco-school" helps to further improve environmental education in educational institutions, in cooperation with local authorities. The goal is to educate a new generation of young people who will be environmentally aware, empowered and active in their communities. The "Eco-Schools" project was developed in 1994. by the Copenhagen-based Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), and to this day it is implemented in more than 60 countries and 50,000 educational institutions.

Ekopak, in cooperation with its partners from Europe, helped "Munja Incubator" to become a member of the FEE network, and they were entrusted with the implementation of the Eco-school project in BiH. This project is of great importance for the development of a system of selective disposal and recycling of packaging waste, because through internationally established standards it encourages school children, teachers and local communities to establish and develop awareness in schools about the importance of waste recycling and environmental protection in general.