At Friday, on August 13, 2019 , Sarajevo Film Festival - one of the most recognizable Sarajevan and Bosnian brands will be ceremonially opened. A true festival mood is already felt in Sarajevo, and our city is host of many tourists from all over the world.

Aware of the importance of this event, as well of a chance to promote the importance of seperate delay and recycling, Ekopak  in cooperation with KJKP Rad will set containers for seperate delay of waste.

In this way, the visitors will have a chance to delay their waste at five locations where Festival will be held, and where 40 containers for separate delay will be ordered.

On the other side, KJKP Rad, will transport waste for its processing and preapration for recycling.

We use this occassion to invite all citizens to support our initiative to keep our town nice and clean.