At the 135th session which is held on 18.01.2018., the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina nominated the Coordination Body for monitoring the implementation of the Ordinance on Packaging Waste Management.

The new members are: Margareta Kresic (chairman) representing the Environmental Protection Fund of Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dunja Petrusic representing the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and Jasmin Osmanovic representing the "Ekozivot" packaging recovery organisation. Representative of Federal Inspection Office Ejub Salkic and Amela Hrbat from Ekopak remained unchanged.

It is to be expected that these changes will result in much more efficient work of the Coordination Body with the aim of further developing the System for Packaging and Packaging waste Management in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Nominating Decision was published in the Official Gazette of FB&H No. 7/18 and you can find it here.