Sarajevo, 04.04.2016. - Based on the previously signed agreement on cooperation between the Ministry of municipal economy and infrastructure of the Sarajevo Canton, PUC "Rad" Sarajevo and Ekopak, Ekopak procured  handover of infrastructure for the establishment of underground eco islands.

Within the project "Development of primary selection of packaging waste from municipal solid waste in Canton Sarajevo" Ekopak procured 20 underground containers for paper, plastic, glass and general waste, which will be placed at selected locations in Sarajevo. The project envisages the establishment of 50 eco-islands, as well as procurement of special vehicles that will allow the discharge of containers.

PUC "Rad" Sarajevo will carry out the construction work for setting eco-islands, regular emptying containers and transport for the collected packaging waste to the process of further processing and preparation for recycling.

Ministry of municipal economy and infrastructure of the Sarajevo Canton, PUC "Rad" Sarajevo and Ekopak will jointly conduct educational cooperation projects and promotional activities that are designed to increase awareness about the importance of separate collection and recycling of packaging waste for the citizens, ie. the introduction of a new approach to waste management, that is developing in all EU countries, and  the region over the last 20 years.

As the first authorized system operator of packaging waste management in our country, Ekopak is continuously working to establish a Green dot system of  recycling modeled on the practice and experience of system operators in the European umbrella organization Pro Europe and Expra. Thus, in 17 municipalities in the Federation is set side significant funds for the purchase of necessary infrastructure which is used by utility companies, and for the past 4 years has been successfully collected and recycled approximately 30,000 tons of packaging waste on behalf of all socially responsible companies that have their legal obligations under the Rules transferred to Ekopak .