Zenica, 25.01.2016. - In the Bosnian National Theatre in Zenica is marked the 65th anniversary of the children's, youth and puppet stage. At the central ceremony Ekopak has assigned gratitude for support in the work of the DOL scene.

 "Teatrography 2011-2015" is presented to the audience which also contains the educational play "Recycling is no hassle", which Ekopak in cooperation with the Forum of Citizens and Bosnian National Theatre  in Zenica has been successfully implementing in a large number of municipalities across the Federation. Director of Bosnian National Theatre Zenica Hazim Begagic said that after 65 years of producing the first performance for children, this is the only, or perhaps one of the few rare theaters that continuously produce performances for children and youth.

Ekopak is getting closer to children and youth with continuous activities, through successful cooperation with the National Theatre in Zenica  and uses innovative approaches to educate and it represents the importance of selective disposal and recycling of packaging waste in our country.