Ceremonial handover of infrastructure for the establishment of 15 eco-island in the municipality of Breza was held on Earth Day. Ekopak allocated significant funds to purchase specifically yellow beans and for decorating the surface at the designated locations.

JKP Komunalno d.o.o., a private collector Rudar Company and Ekopak visited three locations where beans for selective disposal of packaging waste were originally set. It is envisaged to establish a total of 15 eco-islands, and there are ongoing preparatory work for other locations.

By signing a contract with Ekopak, Breza Municipality and JKP Komunalno d.o.o. Breza are included in Ekopaks Green Dot system. During the previous period education of children in all primary and secondary schools is conducted. The number of other activities in order to increase awareness of end consumers about the proper disposal and recycling of packaging waste is planned in the near future.