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17 09.13.

Ekopak, the Gračanica Municiplity and Komus Signed the Contract on Launching the Separate Packaging Waste Collecting Project in Gračanica

The contract among Ekopak, the Gračanica municipality and the public utility service „Komus“ from Gračanica for financing of the project „Separate Packaging Waste Collection from the Municipal Solid Waste in the Gračanica Municipality“ was officially signed today in Gračanica. The contract was signed by Husret Helić, mayor of the Gračanica Municipality, Zakira Đokić, general director of the public utility service Komus from Gračanica, and Amela Hrbat, general director of Ekopak. 

Similar project was launched a few months ago in the Bihać Municipality. The Gračanica Municipality and the public utility service Komus's joining the system of packaging waste management via Ekopak is beneficial in the fact that the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is setting grounds for separate packaging waste collecting and recycling and that the new way of packaging waste management will soon be implemented in the whole FBiH.

Gračanica is the municipality that has already ignited the process of separate packaging material collecting and recycling of particular packaging waste. By today's contract signing, the conditions for packaging waste collecting and recycling of other packaging materials that have not been collected until now and which in much loaded the municipal landfill i.e. glass and composite materials / tetrapak are now fulfilled. Ekopak, the authorized operator of the system, is going to stay in Gračanica permanently and in cooperation with the Municipality and Komus, is going to work hard on the project improvement and expansion.

The Gračanica Municipality is officially the second municipality in the FBiH in which the implementation of the Ordinance on Packaging and Packaging waste was initiated in practice, i.e. the new way of packaging waste management is implemented by the standards of the developed European countries.  

The project consists of two segments: the technical and educational. The technical implies specialized vehicle purchase for collecting and transporting of the packaging waste as well as the specialized containers for packaging glass collection. At the same time, the educational segment is aimed at the project promotion and raising awareness of the citizens of the Gračanica Municipality in order for them to join the system and adopt the separate packaging waste disposal within their households.



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