Ekopak and JKP Standard Konjic have signed an agreement for post-consumer packaging waste collection from municipal waste in Konjic.

The director of JKP Standard, Samir Memić, and the director of Ekopak, Amela Hrbat, have agreed on the procurement of additional containers for the separation of plastic and paper. This step will significantly reduce the amount of mixed municipal waste ending up in landfills, while the paper and plastic placed in these containers will be collected and sent to recycling.

The project is a continuation of an initiative started in 2020 when Ekopak equipped JKP Standard with 37 waste bins for glass packaging, contributing to the increase in recycling of this material. By introducing new blue and yellow containers, citizens of Konjic will be able to dispose their household waste separately, thereby joining global recycling practices and enhancing environmental awareness in the local community.