The second cycle of the project „The Planet's Smile is in Your Hands“ that Ekopak realises with NGO Ekotim, has started today.

The children in the previous school year have shown immense interest thus this project continues in the following primary schools:

- Isak Samokovlija,

- Musa Ćazim Ćatić,

- KŠC Sarajevo,

- Nafija Sarajlić,

- Velešićki heroji 

- Aleksa Šantić

and secondary schools:

- Peta gimnazija (The Fifth High School)

- KŠC „Sveti Josip“ Sarajevo – Gimnazija (KŠC „Sveti Josip“ Sarajevo – High School)

- KŠC „Sveti Josip“ Sarajevo - Medicinska škola (KŠC „Sveti Josip“ Sarajevo – Medical High School)

- Srednja medicinska škola Sarajevo (Medical High School Sarajevo)

- Srednja ugostiteljsko-turistička škola (Catering-Tourist High School)

The educational workshops have officially started today in KŠC Medical School „Sveti Josip“ and Catering-Tourist High School in Sarajevo.

In the first part of the Project, educational lectures will be held in all schools from November 4th til mid December. The topic of the lectures are packaging waste management and recycling. The main objective is to offer relevant information about the consequences of inadequate waste management and the benefits of separate packaging waste collecting and recycling to all primary and secondary school students. By the end of the educational Project, the students will have the opportunity to show the acquired knowledge by participating in quizzes within their schools whereas the best ones will compete with the finalists from other schools in the final quiz.

Apart from the individual quizzes, the students of the schools from the first and the second cycle of the Project will have the opportunity to win prizes competing in packaging waste collecting realized by the logistical support of „Papir Servis“.

Ekopak will provide the valuable awards: laptops, tablets, photo cameras and encyclopedias, for the winners of the competitions, packaging waste collecting and quizzes.

All schools, participants in the projects „The Planet's Smile is in Your Hands“, will be delivered waste bins for separate paper and plastic packaging waste disposal. The goal, for every school, is to acquire new approach towards waste and to continues separate packaging waste disposal, adapting the future generations to the new culture of living, which finally creates the idea that separate waste disposal and recycling of the packaging waste will become regular practice and lifestyle in our country.