Last weekend, Ekopak participated in the Sarajevo Children's Festival, which took place at the "Mirza Delibašić" sports hall in Skenderija, Sarajevo. The festival brought together around 1500 children and their parents, providing them with a unique opportunity for entertainment, learning, and creativity.

The Sarajevo Children's Festival is a place where education, entertainment, creativity, and dance come together, offering children the chance to enjoy various activities. The festival program included young ones from Sarajevo's preschool institutions, dance and music schools, choirs, and elementary schools.

Ekopak, along with its partners from KJKP Rad, seized this opportunity to educate many children and their parents about the importance of proper selective disposal of packaging waste and the recycling process. Children had the chance to create various items from packaging through an activity called "Packaging and Creative Recycling." They made jewelry, fashion accessories, characters from their favorite cartoons, and many other interesting things. Every young artist who participated was rewarded with a picture book titled "Everything You Didn't Know About Recycling" and a decorative mini-bin for packaging waste.

At this joyful and educational festival for children, Ekopak, together with its partners, took a significant step toward raising awareness about the proper management of packaging waste. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to educate children and their parents and promote environmental awareness through creative recycling. Together, we have shown that small steps can bring about significant change, and we hope this initiative will inspire future generations to recycle their waste. Thanks to everyone who joined us on this journey, and we look forward to future opportunities for collaboration.