As one of Ekopak founders, Coca-Cola provided containers for disposing of packaging waste during Sarajevo Film Festival this year and Ekopak will make sure that all collected packaging waste is handed over for recycling.

During Sarajevo Film Festival containers for disposal of packaging waste will be placed at the busiest locations in the city center and Ekopak, with the support of KJKP Rad, will hand over all packaging waste that is disposed of in Coca-Cola containers for recycling.

The project called "Recycle me. Give me a new life" additionally highlights our determination to work on increasing the recycling rate of packaging waste.

It is important to point out that last year during the SFF, 19,370 kg of packaging waste was handed over for recycling. We hope that this year the quantity will be higher. That's why we invite all visitors SFF to join this initiative and dispose of their packaging waste in Coca-Cola containers as part of their contribution to environmental protection.