The final conference that marked of the completion of the project "Management of packaging waste in the Western Balkans"was held in Belgrade on 14.12.2022. in which the project holders from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia were present.

On that occasion, the results of the project were presented as well as guidelines for the continuation of the establishment of efficient system for collection and recycling of packaging waste.

The conference was opened by Violeta Jovanović, executive director of NALED Serbia, Igor Vukašinović, general manager of Apatinska pivara and member of the Board of Directors of NALED Serbia and Daniele Funke, director of GIZ Serbia, with the introductory topic "Glass packaging management and the environment".

After that, they discussed the retrospective of the project and the experiences of project implementation in the pilot municipalities and the results were presented by Violeta Belanović Kokir, general director of SEKOPAK (Serbia), Filip Ivanovski, director of PAKOMAK (North Macedonia) and Amela Hrbat, managing director of EKOPAK (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

This was followed by a panel discussion on the topic: "Establishment of an efficient system of collection and recycling of glass packaging in local governments - challenges and recommendations from the field" and the panelists were:
Moderator: Ivana Pavlović, operations manager SEKOPAK Serbia
Zorica Bilić, national coordinator GIZ ORF MMS
Kristina Cvejanov, regional expert on the project
Ivica Sivrić, director of the Association for Economic Development REDAH Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Research results: The effects of a marketing campaign on raising citizens' awareness of the importance of collecting and recycling glass packaging were presented by Sanela Veljkovski Mandić, GIZ ORF MMS and Sanja Knežević Mitrović, NALED Serbia.
At the end, the representatives of the municipalities and cities that participated in this project were presented with Awards for their contribution to better management of glass packaging in the Western Balkans. The recognition was received on behalf of the city of Bihać by assistant mayor Vildana Zulić and on behalf of the municipality of Novi Travnik by expert advisor Višnja Čolić.

The project "Management of glass packaging in the countries of the Western Balkans" was implemented as part of the development partnership program with the private sector (develoPPP), and in BiH it was co-financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the first BiH operator Ekopak for packaging waste management system. In our country, the project was implemented in Bihać, Novi Travnik, Konjic and Municipality of Ilidža and the goal was to increase glass recycling by 20%.

Ekopak, in cooperation with GIZ, procured and delivered 190 special bells for the disposal of glass packaging waste for the City of Bihać and the municipalities of Novi Travnik, Konjic and Ilidža, and with the help of its partner utility companies they ensured the collection and transportation of the collected quantities for recycling. In 2021, a total of more than 150 tons of glass packaging was submitted for recycling, which is 27% more than at the beginning of the project. Taking into account the fact that the goal of the project was an increase of 20%, it means that Ekopak with its partners, public utility companies Vilenica Čistoća Novi Travnik, Standard Konjic, Komrad Bihać and Rad Sarajevo, exceeded the target the goal by 7%.

- During implementation of this Project a total of 208,000 kg of glass packaging waste was submitted for recycling from these four local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: 114,000 kg in Novi Travnik, more than 64,000 kg in Bihać, 19,000 kg in Konjic and 11,000 kg in Ilidža.

All collected glass packaging waste was transported for recycling to the Vetropavk Straža factory located in Hum Sutla (border between Croatia and Slovenia).