As part of the promotional activities for the project "Management of glass packaging in the Western Balkans" Ekopak organized, on Saturday 04.06. 2022, in Ilidža - Mala aleja, distribution of information leaflets to the population of this municipality.

Last year, Ekopak, in cooperation with GIZ and other project partners, set up 50 special bells for collecting glass packaging in the Municipality of Ilidža and by distributing leaflets informed the population about how to collect and recycle glass packaging.

On Saturday, in cooperation with the environmental association Ekotim, the second distribution of information leaflets to citizens was organized to inform about proper dispose of glass packaging and where citizens can find bells in their municipality.

The municipality of Ilidža is one of the four local communities, in addition to the city of Bihać, Municipality of Novi Travnik and Municipality of Konjic, which are involved in the regional project "Management of glass packaging in the Western Balkans".

The project is implemented within the development partnership program with the private sector (develoPPP) and is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), as well as the first bh. operator of the packaging waste management system "Ekopak". Apart from Bosnia and Herzegovina, this project is also being implemented in Serbia and Northern Macedonia.

The project started in BiH in January 2020 and will last until June 2022, in addition to Ekopak, is being implemented by GiZ and REDAH, as well as utility companies of the mentioned municipalities. After that, the plan is to have a sustainable system for collecting glass packaging waste in these local communities, which would be extended to other local communities.