Licensed system operators for managing package material and package material waste in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, companies Ekopak Sarajevo and Eko život Tuzla, and licensed system operators for managing electronic and electronics waste Kim Tec Eko Vitez and Zeos Sarajevo, have founded the Association of system operators in BiH (ASO), whose aim is improvement and development of recycling system and using special categories of waste in Federation of BiH.

Founders of Association, director of ‘’Ekopak’’ Amela Hrbat, director of ‘’Eko život’’ Jasmin Osmanović, director ‘’Kim Tec Eco’’ Zdenko Marković, and director of ‘’Zeos’’ Emil Šehić, have adopted the aims of Association, who represent in the first place interests of its members, with the aim of improving legislative regulations in this field, and create positive economic setting. A huge attention the Association will devote to education, promotion and raise of conscious regarding importance of managing special waste material, and to partnership with relevant departments with the aim of creating legal framework based on European Union acquis (French acquis communautaire) and the best European practices.

At today’s assembly licensed operators chose Amela Hrbat as the president of the Association, who thanked to the founders for their trust, and emphasized that ASO will be  reliable partner to its members as to the state, and all with the aim of further improvement of managing recycling system of package material and its waste, and electronic and electronics waste.

‘’Taking into consideration difficulties we had within legal framework we work, general situation in state with recycling capacities,  and capacities for separated delay and accumulation of waste, founding of this Association was much-needed, and we are glad that all licensed partners in FBiH have supported this idea. By our side stands huge knowledge, years-long experience and significant infrastructure, that we can use for further improvement of recycling system and use of packing material, electronic and electronics waste in FBiH,’’ said Amela Hrbat.

Vice- chairman of Foreign Trade Chamber in Federation of BiH Mirsad Jašarspahić, within whose framework the Association is founded, emphasized that the Chamber will provide professional help to the Association:

‘’We are aware of importance of further development of established systems for recycling and use of special categories of waste, that function under principle of prolonged producer’s responsibility. This practically means that with systems, over licensed operators, manages economy that in its business puts into trade products that become later recycling material, that is electronic and electronics waste, and mostly this finances systems. This principle is a good practice taken from European Union countries, by which results are achieved by the lowest maintainable expenses and the highest benefits for environment. For this reason the Foreign Trade Chamber FBiH has steadily stood by the Association and we wish them a huge success in further work,’’ Said Mirsad Jašarspahić.

The Association seat is in the Foreign Trade Chamber of FBiH in Sarajevo, Branislav Đurđev Street no.10.