Every year, millions of beauty and skin care packages end up in containers and landfills, so Ekopak, in collaboration with the L'OCCITANE brand, has organized a program to collect and recycle beauty product packaging.

In L'OCCITANE stores in Sarajevo and Banja Luka storage bins are set up for used lip balm packaging, makeup remover products, fragrance bottles, deodorants, skin and hair care products.

L'OCCITANE will provide its customers with a 10% discount on their new purchase for each return of the packaging.

Ekopak gladly supported this action by his client L'OCCITANE, and provided the containers for the collection of packaging waste and ensured that all the collected packaging waste was handed over for recycling.

We invite all customers of the L'OCCITANE to bring used bottles and boxes of this brand to the next purchase and dispose of it in Ekopak containers to give our packaging a second life and turn it into new products.