All over the world the April 22 is going to be celebrated as the ‘’International Earth Day’’. This is also a special day for Ekopak that celebrates it with range of activities. 

We are all aware of importance of package material in the life of a modern man, but also of importance of its delay and recycling. That is why Ekopak wants to draw public’s attention to importance of proper delay of package material, nature and environment preservation.

One of those actions is promotion under the name ‘’Put a flower instead of waste and the world will be great’’ that will be held on April 22, from 12 to 16 hours in Sarajevo at BBI Center and in Mostar at Mepas Mall. On that occasion, all citizens that bring five pieces of any package material and delay it into containers designed for that, will be awarded with eco bags and flower seeds. All of them will have a chance to participate in a prize competition of Ekopak, that will award all of those who send a picture of a flower raised out of this seed. Also, the citizens will have a chance to get familiar with basics of recycling, proper delay and recycling of package material.

The youngest ones are not forgotten. For them, on Tuesday, on April 24 at OŠ ‘’Safija Sarajlić’’ in Sarajevo, a party will be organized, where the pupils will have a chance to hang out with a mascot of Ekopak – Bunnypac, and in an innovative and funny way get familiar with importance of  proper separate delay and recycling of package material waste.

On the same day, Ekopak will join an action of brand Oriflame in cleaning of Sarajevo. Namely, Oriflame will on April 24 at 12 o’clock, at Vilson’s walk, organize a popular Plogging – an activity in which runners collect waste. For this occasion Ekopak will install containers for package material waste, equip runners with colored plastic bags for collections of package material waste, and in corporation with company ‘’Paper service’’ ensure transport, sorting, and preparation for recycling of collected package material waste.

Ekopak invites all citizens to join activities for nice and clean BiH.