Čapljina, 31.10.2018. - In the kindergarten in Čapljina, an educational workshop named "Lerning abaut recycling with Zekopak and Maja the bee" was organized today. A large number of children from Municipality od Čapljina took the place in the workshop, who had opportunity to learn about recycling through various interactive games.

As part of the workshop, a puppet show was presented, and children through the interaction with Zekopak and Maja the bee learned about the importance and manner of proper disposal of packaging waste.

Five activities on recycling were organized:

-        Educational game of finding Green dot on packaging

-       Thematic memory game on ecology

-        Competition game "Who first loads bin correctly"

-        Giant jigsaw puzzle "Zekopak"

-        Workshop "Disposal of Waste".

A nice gathering was rounded up with dance fun and mascot, and in the end there was also a gift packet sharing for all children.

The aim of education is to raise awareness among the youngest population, which will, in line with European practices, further educate their parents about how to handle waste properly in order to increase the amount of packaging waste collected in this municipality.