Under the project Re:Creativa, on Thursday  25th of October 2018, in the gallery Kutcha, exibition of student upcycling work display was held.

Thanks to cooperation and engagement of directors and professors of Sarajevo high schools, especially Secondary School of Environment and Wood Design, Secondary School of Applied Arts, and with mentorning of mr. Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky from upcycling company AWS design, students have prepared a real collection of works in line with upcycling principles.

Citizents had the opportunity to take a look at and buy very intersting students works which were made using old objects from electronic and packaging waste, wich is known as "upcycling".

The project was supported by: Austrian Embassy in Sarajevo, City of Sarajevo, Ekopak, ZEOS eko system and OCSE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina.