Munja Incubator with its info platform has become an official member of the largest global network for education in the field of environmental protection (FEE). This was just confirmed at the General Assembly of the Foundation for Environmental Education in Riga, Latvia.

More than 70 countries work together on several licensed programs, and thanks to this membership, Bosnia and Herzegovina will be able to use two prestigious programs - "Young Eco Reporter" and "Eko School".

Since last year MUNJA has already tested program "Young Eco Reporter" which engages young people through the competition to spot ecological problems, document them in the form of reportage, photo or short video and offer some solutions. Over 60 high schools from all over BiH with more than 150 artworks have already participated in this competition. This is now an opportunity for further growth as well as involving a larger number of schools, institutions and companies.

Eco School is a licensed program that supports schools and educational institutions to increase the level of practical work on environmental protection and to continuously work on the development of ecological awareness in the new generation.

Jan Zlatan Kulenovic, manager of MUNJA Incubator, by entering B&H in FEE declared: Firstly, I think B&H must be involved in global professional networks of any area, because that is the only way to keep up with trends and improve work. Secondly, this is a great success to become part of this great world family, which means the ability to use quality development projects, exchange of experience at the international level, and ultimately to impact on all actors in Bosnian society, and especially on young people to promote ecological awareness and be proactive in preserving environment.

This membership would not have been possible if there was no partner company Ekopak - the first packaging recovery organisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose initiative and support helped MUNJA Incubator to connect with this significant network.

Amela Hrbat, Manager of Ekopak - a company that initiated and supported MUNJA Incubator to become a member of this prestigious organization: Bosnia and Herzegovina is among the last countries in Europe, and region, to begun to resolve the issue of establishing a packaging waste recovery system. This means that we do not need to experiment and "discover hot water", but to use the best experiences and practices of countries that have established systems that function successfully, and FEE is definitely one such organization. Thanks to the European connections and connectivity of Ekopak with the key organizations from Europe, Ekopak had the opportunity to propose the representatives of our country to join the FEE, and we have estimated that the team of young people from MUNJA Incubator is the one who can cooperate with this international organization. I would also like to point out that numerous projects under the name of the "Eco School" have been launched so far in our country, but only one is certified according to international standards, and these projects together with the support of Ekopak, will be implemented by MUNJA.