• Ekopak is first and leading licensed packaging recovery organisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Ekopak is a pioneer in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the process of establishment and development of the packaging and packaging waste management system

  • Ekopak is founded by leading international, regional and local companies

  • Operations of Ekopak are based on best EU practices, but also on highest business standards which are in accordance with the standards of the shareholders

  • Ekopak takes responsibility for the fulfillment of legal obligations for producers, importers, distributors and retailers at the lowest sustainable cost and for the benefit of the entire community

  • Principle of Ekopak is equal treatment for all - the shareholders of Ekopak have neither special status

  • Employees of Ekopak perform their tasks fully professionally, responsibly, transparently and according to highest ethical standards which are in compliance with all legal requirements

  • Ekopak is 32. member of the PROEUROPE - European umbrella organisation for the packaging and packaging waste recovery systems, based in Brussels


20 10.15.

Eco-Day as part of the "Environmentally-responsible individual pillar of sustainable development" project

20.10.2015. International Center for Children and Youth, Sarajevo - In the framework of the UNDP project "Environmentally responsible individual-pillar of sustainable development" was held the fair "Eco-day" where participated numerous exhibitors.

There were exhibited the works related to the theme of environmental protection - creations made of packaging waste, paintings, drawings, all with the aim of increasing environmental awareness. The visitors of the fair were the attendees from kindergartens, pupils from elementary and secondary schools and other general public. Ekopak also presented the activities and placed the waste bins for selective disposal of packaging waste.

During the fair, there were also organised supporting activities such as fashion show, theater play "The story of a plastic bag" and a mini race for children where the participants carried "the race relay made of packaging waste" which had to be disposed in the proper packaging waste bin.

Ekopak supported the fair  "Eco-day" with the aim to promote the importance of proper disposal and recycling of packaging waste and to increase awareness of children who will become in the future the bearers of a new living culture. 

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