Sarajevo, 22.04.2015. - On the occasion of Earth Day, dm and Ekopak organized gathering under the motto "Packaging for the flower and the world will be beautiful again!" in Sarajevo and Mostar. The intention was to indicate to citizens the importance of preserving nature and the environment and to provide tips for the recycling possibilities.

Visitors who were at dm and Ekopak gatherings could trade five pieces of any packaging for the flower begonias. In exchange, for their plastic bag they could get eco bag. Additionally, representatives of company Ekopak shared tips on proper disposal and recycling of packaging waste to all interested citizens.

"By realization of environmental projects like this we try to point out the fact that with our own contribution we can all reduce pollution, protect the nature and natural resources, which ultimately results in a healthier and better living conditions." - said a member of the Management Board of dm drogerie markt Admira Isaković.

Informing and educating citizens is the starting point toward achieving the goal of nature preservation, the environment and living conditions. It is very important to send a clear message to the public, with concrete advice on what people can do in their community for the better today and for future generations to come.

"Socially responsible company dm through cooperation with Ekopak finances the establishment of a system of selective collection and recycling of packaging waste in our country, following the example of the leading European systems. When we finance the purchase of eco-island in local communities from the fees we get from companys that are in Ekopaks system, education of end consumers becomes the most important step. With such joint activities Ekopak and dm want to come closer to citizens, to educate them and influence on increasing awareness about the proper disposal of packaging waste, its recycling and environmental protection. "- said Samra Jažić, Expert Sales and Communication Associate from Ekopak.

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on 22nd April and the aim is to point out the consequences of certain human activities that endanger nature and threaten life on Earth.