Ekopak, first authorized system operator of packaging waste management in Federation of B&H, is pleased to inform its clients, partners and interested public that it has successfully fulfilled general target for recovery and recycling of packaging waste management of 8% for 2012!

Although Ekopak obtained Authorization in the second half of 2012, it practically fulfilled yearly target of 8% in the period of six months. The target has been fulfilled due to support and partnership with authorized waste collectors, and increased number of clients, i.e. producers, importers, fillers, distributers and outmost suppliers that have recognized Ekopak as their system operator of packaging waste management in Federation of B&H.

This guarantees that firm grounds are being set in our country for development of transparent, longterm and sustainable system of packaging waste management, based on the most efficient systems in the European countries. It is important to establish such system by avoiding any shock on the market and increase of prices of packaged products, as it was the case in some regional countries where prices of packaged products got increased up to 30%. Also, preconditions are being set for our country to join the rest of Europe in the segment of packaging waste management.

The report on packaging waste management for 2012, for which Ekopak took over the responsibility by signing contracts, will be published once it is submitted to Federal ministry of Tourism and Environment and Environment Protection Fund of FB&H. Deadline for submission of the Report is 31 March, defined by the Article 21 of the Federal Ordinance.