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30 05.13.

Tvrle the Ecologist project premiered to the audience of Zenica

Today, in the Bosnian National Theater in Zenica, promotional program premiered marking the beginning of the realization of the project: Tvrle the Ecologist.

This is the first educational project of the kind in BiH and its aim is raising awareness and building sense of responsibility in young children about the importance of separate packaging waste disposal and its recycling. The project will engage 5000 students from 16 primary schools in Zenica.

Upon accepting the Ordinance of Packaging and Packaging Paste Management of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, our country also committed to build the system of separate packaging waste disposal and its recycling thus having only waste that cannot be of any other use end up on landfills. To achieve this, it is necessary to work in two directions: working on increasing people's awareness about the importance of separate waste disposal and recycling, and establishing the communal infrastructure needed to make separate waste packaging disposal possible.

Respecting the fact that habits made in childhood are there to stay through the life, the primary objective of the project „Tvrle the Ecologist“ is to create the habit of separate waste disposal at early age and that it becomes the new way of waste management and new culture of living in our country which would, in this aspect, bring us closer to the rest of Europe.

Tvrle the Ecologist deals with children who are to be abet to approach ecology differently through games, images and stories. Therefore, the activities were designed to address primary school children: the play „Recycling is not a hassle“ and the magazine „Superhero Tvrle Saves Nature“. These activities should improve the children's, as well as their parents', attitude towards the necessity of the correct waste disposal.

After today's premiere of the project „Tvrle the Ecologist“, it is going to be presented in 16 primary schools in Zenica. The next project presentation is planned for June 3rd in primary school „Arnauti“.

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