Today, Ekopak had the honor of hosting the TV crew from the show "Jutro plus," which is broadcast on state television - BHT1. The discussion focused on Ekopak's mission, the importance of recycling packaging waste, improving the recycling system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and educating citizens.


The director of Ekopak, Amel Hrbat, highlighted the key aspects of Ekopak's mission, emphasizing the importance of informing citizens about the proper sorting of packaging waste. During the conversation, the focus was on how citizens can actively participate in the recycling system, thereby contributing to environmental preservation and creating a more sustainable future.

Media, especially public services like BHT1, play a crucial role in educating citizens. Through shows like "Jutro plus," the public can receive necessary information and motivation to engage in recycling. The show's broadcast every weekday from 8:00 to 10:00 AM provides an ideal platform for raising awareness about environmental issues.

Ekopak will continue its efforts to develop the recycling system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and such media collaborations are an important step towards achieving this goal. We thank the "Jutro plus" team for their visit and the opportunity to share our vision with the viewers.