This year company Coca-Cola HBC BH  in cooperation with Ekopak and PUC Rad implemented a project called "Recycle me. Give me a new life", part of the global program "World without waste".

During the SFF containers for plastic bottles, cans and mixed waste were installed in the busiest locations in the center of Sarajevo where visitors to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina could dispose of their packaging waste. Bins for disposal of glass packaging waste were also placed in HORECA facilities.

Collected waste will be semt for recycling in cooperation with the utility company Rad and the Ekopak. During eight days of the SFF 19,370 kg of packaging waste was collected, which Ekopak will send for recycling.

Activities within this initiative were aimed at creating new habits, as well as educating and raising citizens' awareness of the importance of proper disposal, sorting and recycling of packaging waste.