Kakanj, 31.05.2016. - Based on the previously signed agreement on cooperation and implementation of the project "Development of primary selection of packaging waste from municipal solid waste in the Municipality of Kakanj", was delivered sets of bins for the establishment eco-island from which will be collected packaging waste.

 It is delivered 18 containers for the establishment of six eco-island, 18 sets of bins for three secondary and six central elementary schools and purchase of 38 bins of nineteen regional schools. The bins are delivered to PU Vodokom, which together with the Municipality of Kakanj signed a contract with Ekopak and joined the Green dot system for recovery and recycling of packaging waste. Kakanj designated location for seting up eco-islands, and PU Vodokom will execute the construction preparatory work, for regular emptying packaging waste which will be collected from eco-islands and carried out to the preparation for transport and recycling. Considering that the project includes all schools, Ekopak will conduct educational and promotional activities designed to increase awareness of students about the importance of proper disposal and recycling of packaging waste.